MECS1000 Studying Media and Culture

Here you will find pdf versions of Weekly Power Points/Notes/Recordings/Seminar Tasks. Module Outline MECS1000 Module outline 2017 to 2018

Week 22: Content analysis and Thematic Analysis

Week 21: Digital (New) Media

Week 20: Advertising and Ethos, Logos, Pathos

Week 19: News and News Values

Week 18: The Public Sphere

Week 17: Stars and Celebrities

Week 16: Marxism and Ideology

Week 15: Moral Panics


Week 13: Fashion and identity

Week 12: Media Organisation and Industry

Week 11: Emotion and History

Week 10: Disabilities and the Media

Week 9: Race, Representation and Media

Week 8: Class, Media & Representations

Week 7: YouTube, Music videos & Digital media 

Week 6: Worcester Week

Week 5: Semiotics and Tattoos

Week 4: Semiotics

Week 3: Genre, Gender and Disney type of films

 Week 2: Gender, Representation and the Media

Week 1: Why Study Media and Culture/ Writing and Referencing Introduction


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