MECS1000 Studying Media and Culture

Here you will find pdf versions of Weekly Power Points/Notes/Recordings/Seminar Tasks. Module Outline MECS1000 Module outline 2017 to 2018 

Assignment two extra details, guidance and blog contribution guidance

Week 26 Media and memory 

Week 25 Media in non western societies

Week 24 Globalisation

Week 23: Audiences and Media Theories

Week 22: Content analysis and Thematic Analysis

Week 21: Digital (New) Media

Week 20: Advertising and Ethos, Logos, Pathos

Week 19: News and News Values

Week 18: The Public Sphere

Week 17: Stars and Celebrities

Week 16: Marxism and Ideology

Week 15: Moral Panics


Week 13: Fashion and identity

Week 12: Media Organisation and Industry

Week 11: Emotion and History

Week 10: Disabilities and the Media

Week 9: Race, Representation and Media

Week 8: Class, Media & Representations

Week 7: YouTube, Music videos & Digital media 

Week 6: Worcester Week

Week 5: Semiotics and Tattoos

Week 4: Semiotics

Week 3: Genre, Gender and Disney type of films

 Week 2: Gender, Representation and the Media

Week 1: Why Study Media and Culture/ Writing and Referencing Introduction


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