MECS2031 Popular Cultures

Here you will find pdf versions of Weekly Power Points/Notes/Recordings/Seminar Complete Module Outline: Module guide MECS2031 2018 to 2019 For reading links you will need your UW login

Assignment details: Assignment 1 details (see Blackboard for essay examples)

Week 12: Globalisation and popular Culture

Week 11: Geopolitics, habitus and Popular Culture

Week 10: Social Media and Popular Culture

Week 9: Reality TV and Baudrillard

Week 8 Materiality and Popular Cultures 

Week 7 Fan Cultures and Internet Celebrity

Week 6: Love and death

Week 5: Religion and Popular Culture

Week 4: Interviews, Questionnaires and Focus groups

Week 3: Subcultures, sport and Identity//Animals and Identity

Week 2: Production, Representation and Consumption

Week 1: Defining Popular Culture/Identity

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