MECS3003 Gender, Philosophy and Popular Culture

Here you will find pdf versions of Weekly Power Points/Notes/Recordings/Seminar Complete Module Outline: Module guide MECS3003 for 2017 to 2018 

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Week 12 Gender and New Media

Week 11: Dance and Gender

Week 10: Cross dressing, clowns and gender

Week 9: Gender and Power, Pollution, Purity, & Abject

Week 8: Care ethics, Facebook and Animals

Week 7: Beauty, Body image and eating disorders

Week 6: Worcester Week

Week 5: Eastern Philosophies and Gender

Week 4: Gender and Sport

Week 3: Representation of Men in Popular Culture/Media

Week 2: Heteronormativity

Week 2: Representation of Women in Popular Culture/Media

Week 1: Introduction to Gender, Philosophy and Popular Culture 

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