Professor John Parham

Prof John Parham


Professor of Environmental Humanities

Professor John Parham’s research lies in environmental humanities, notably Victorian literature and ecology and eco-media studies. He has written, edited and co-edited five books: Green Media and Popular Culture (Palgrave Macmillan: 2016); Literature and Sustainability: Exploratory Essays (co-edited with Adeline Johns-Putra and Louise Squire) (Manchester University Press, 2017); A Global History of Literature and the Environment (co-edited with Louise Westling) (Cambridge University Press, 2017); a book on the poet Gerard Manley Hopkins,Green Man Hopkins: Poetry and the Victorian Ecological Imagination(Rodopi: 2010), and a further edited collection,The Environmental Tradition in English Literature (Ashgate: 2002).

John has published articles on several Victorian writers (including Charles Dickens, William Morris, Emile Zola and John Stuart Mill), contemporary literature, green popular culture (looking at British and Australian punk, film, and computer games), and on teaching cultural studies and environmental studies. John is co-editor of the journal Green Letters: Studies in Ecocriticism published by Taylor & Francis.