Student Testimonials

Below you will find student quotes about studying Media and Culture at the University of Worcester
  • ‘The Media and Culture course gives you excellent opportunities that help prepare you for the workplace. This includes interactive sessions with guest speakers from industries including marketing and PR, social and youth work and social media-based technology companies. As a result of these sessions I was able to build up my profession network in person and on LinkedIn. From day one I felt supported in my learning. As the class numbers were smaller, I felt that I was able to have more support throughout lectures, seminars and tutorials.’

  • ‘Media and Culture introduced a huge spectrum of topics and information that I had never considered before. It gave me a deep interest in Media & Culture and encouraged me to try and pursue a career in Media and Cultural Studies.’

  • ‘Studying Media and Cultural studies has been a most eye opening experience for me. I had never actually realised the power that the media has on the lives of people on [a] regular basis.’ Altogether I can honestly say that I will never view the world around us in the same way as I have [done] before.’

  • ‘I have enjoyed the lectures and feel that I have progressed a lot from our seminar discussions. The readings and all the information on Blackboard and websites have been really useful. The help with our assignments has been really helpful.’


  • ‘After studying Media and Culture at the University of Worcester, I was lucky enough to find graduate employment within weeks of handing in my dissertation. I joined MediaCom as a trainee and the company enrolled me onto the IPA Foundation Course. Since I passed I have been working on well-known brands, such as MG and Bentley and as the media industry is all about networking, I often get to go on amazing trips – to concerts, live comedy, even the Olympics!’