Student Testimonials 2015-2019

  • ‘Media and Culture introduced a huge spectrum of topics and information that I had never considered before. It gave me a deep interest in Media & Culture and encouraged me to try and pursue a career in Media and Cultural Studies.’

  • ‘Studying Media and Cultural studies has been a most eye opening experience for me. I had never actually realised the power that the media has on the lives of people on [a] regular basis.’ Altogether I can honestly say that I will never view the world around us in the same way as I have [done] before.’

  • ‘I have enjoyed the lectures and feel that I have progressed a lot from our seminar discussions. The readings and all the information on Blackboard and websites have been really useful. The help with our assignments has been really helpful.’


  • ‘After studying Media and Culture at the University of Worcester, I was lucky enough to find graduate employment within weeks of handing in my dissertation. I joined MediaCom as a trainee and the company enrolled me onto the IPA Foundation Course. Since I passed I have been working on well-known brands, such as MG and Bentley and as the media industry is all about networking, I often get to go on amazing trips – to concerts, live comedy, even the Olympics!’