My journal articles, book chapters and books

The following are some of my online journal articles, book chapters and other submissions.

  • Mirza, M and Mitra, B. (In Press) Autoethnographic Stories in Academia from Two Women of Diasporas IN Reshmi Lahiri-Roy and Nish Belford (Eds.) Asian Women, Identity and Migration: Experiences of Transnational Women of Indian origin/heritage. Abingdon, Routledge.
  • Mitra, B., Taylor, L., Milburn-Curtis, C. and McCarron, J. (2018) Gendering Worcester News, Journal of the Association for Journalism Education. Vol. 7 (1), pp. 29-38.
  • Mitra, B. (2017) Written Evidence Submitted to the Youth Select Committee (Body Image and Eating Disorders) 012, British Youth Council. Available at:   
  • Mitra, B.M. and Golz, P. (2016) Exploring Intrinsic Gender Identity Using Second Life. Journal for Virtual Worlds Research Vol. 9(2), pp. 1-17.
  • Mitra, B., M. and Johnson, Rachel, E. (2015) Gender Construction in Kays Catalogues: 1920 to the New Millenn, Cambridge, Cambridge Academic Ltd.
  • Mitra, B., Webb, M. & Wolfe, C.(2014) ‘Audience responses to the physical appearance of television newsreaders’ Participations, Journal of Audience and Reception Studies, Vol. 11(2), pp.45-57 Link to the Journal article
  • Mirza, M.& Mitra, B.(2013) ‘Curriculum 2013: Two Subject Leaders Reflect on the Process’ University of Worcester Teaching and Learning Journal Issue 8, pp.57-62.
  • Wolfe, C. & Mitra, B. (2012) ‘Newsreaders as Eye Candy’ in Journal of the Association for Journalism Education Vol.(1)1, pp.92-99.
  • Mitra,B. & Lewin-Jones, J. (2012) ‘Colin won’t drink out of a pink cup’ in Karen Ross (ed.), Blackwell Handbook of Gender, Sexualities and the Media . Oxford: Wiley-Blackwell, pp.383-400.
  • Lewin-Jones, J. & Mitra, B. (2011) ‘Gender roles in children’s television commercials’ in K. Safford, M.Stacey & R. Hancock (eds.) Small-scale research in primary schools. A reader for learning and Professional Development/ Oxon: Routledge.
  • Mitra, B. Lewin-Jones, J. Barrett, H. & Williamson, S. (2010) ‘The use of video to enable deep learning’ Research in post-compulsory education Issue 15(4) pp.405-414
  • Lewin Jones, J. and Mitra, B. (2009) ‘Gender Roles in Television Commercials and Primary School Children in the UK’ Journal of Children and Media Volume 3(1)pp.35-50.
  • Barrett, H., Lewin-Jones, J., Mitra., B & Williamson, S. (2009) ‘Evaluating the Use of Video in Learning and Teaching:the Blended Learning Research Project’Worcester Journal of Learning and Teaching, Issue 2.
  • Mitra, B. (2005) ‘The Influence of Television Commercials on Clothing in India’Worcester Papers in English and Cultural Studies October(3), University of Worcester.
  • Milbourne, P., Mitra, B., and Winter, M. (2001) Agriculture and Rural Society: Complementarities and Conflicts Between Farming and Incomers to the Countryside in England and Wales. Cheltenham. Countryside and Community Research Unit Report to MAFF.