Meet the Team


Senior Lecturer in Media and Culture, Joint Head of Department of English, Media & Culture

Dr Barbara Mitra is the Course Leader for Media & Culture, as well as being joint Head of Department (English, Media and Culture). She has varied teaching and research interests and has published on issues relating to television, gender, advertising and children, and has become interested in social media, body image and eating disorders.

Barbara’s teaching includes specialist modules on gender and commercial issues of social media. She has spoken on local radio and schools on issues related to gender and body image, Facebook and television advertising and children. She has also made a number of films on various academic topics.


Prof John Parham


Professor of Environmental Humanities

Professor John Parham’s research lies in environmental humanities, notably Victorian literature and ecology and eco-media studies. He has written, edited and co-edited five books: Green Media and Popular Culture (Palgrave Macmillan: 2016); Literature and Sustainability: Exploratory Essays (co-edited with Adeline Johns-Putra and Louise Squire) (Manchester University Press, 2017); A Global History of Literature and the Environment (co-edited with Louise Westling) (Cambridge University Press, 2017); a book on the poet Gerard Manley Hopkins,Green Man Hopkins: Poetry and the Victorian Ecological Imagination(Rodopi: 2010), and a further edited collection,The Environmental Tradition in English Literature (Ashgate: 2002).

John has published articles on several Victorian writers (including Charles Dickens, William Morris, Emile Zola and John Stuart Mill), contemporary literature, green popular culture (looking at British and Australian punk, film, and computer games), and on teaching cultural studies and environmental studies. John is co-editor of the journal Green Letters: Studies in Ecocriticism published by Taylor & Francis.


Dr Simon Hardy


Head of Department, History, Politics & Sociology

Simon has lectured at Worcester in Sociology and Media & Cultural Studies since 1995, with specialisms in the history of sexuality, the sociology of pornography and contemporary media coverage of warfare.

Dr Hardy’s current research project addresses social and historical aspects of the development of pornography in modern society. This is an extension of his previous research and writing, which began with his PhD research on men’s use of pornography, at the University of Essex (where he received his doctorate in 1995). His book The Reader, The Author, His Woman and Her Lover was published by Cassell in 1998. Since then he has published a series of articles and essays on various aspects of pornography and erotic culture in the journal Sexualities (of which he is a member of the editorial board), and in a range of other journals and edited collections.


Katy Wareham Morris


Lecturer in media and culture; Admissions Tutor

Before becoming a University lecturer, Katy worked in the field of advertising and marketing, specialising in social media marketing. Katy applies this practical and professional expertise within the classroom and utilises her list of expert contacts to help students develop their own professional networks. She has links across creative and digital industries and has organised employability showcases and expert guest speakers for students. Katy facilitates the Work Project modules and second year, Social Media module, which involves a practical project. Katy is particularly interested in digital new media technologies.

As Admissions Tutor, Katy is responsible for organising course taster sessions and outreach events, as well as responding to applications and course enquiries.

Katy is also a keen poet and regularly organises poetry and spoken word events for students and the public. She is a recognised poet herself, being shortlisted for a Saboteur Award 2018. Her most recent collection is published by Hesterglock and is entitled, Cutting the Green Ribbon. Katy is also competing PhD research in literary gaming, play and post-queer politics, which has both critical and creative elements.